JKKP IS 127/438/3-115

What is

Safety and Health Officer (SHO) is a position in industry required by Malaysian law.

Employer who fails to employ a Safety and Health Officer can be prosecuted in court and can result in a fine/imprisonment.

Duties of SHO are outlined in the law includes; inspecting the workplace, conducting investigations, monitoring and analyzing safety and health performance in the workplace.

As SHO you will act as an advisor to employers and business owners, which is a very significant function in the operations and business of a company.

Venture into this very interesting and challenging field, do not wait any longer. Join our training program that prepares you to become a competent Safety and Health Officer.

1) Possess a minimum of SPM/SPMV/MCE or equivalent with at least a Grade Three Pass. General certificate (SAP) or lower than Grade three will not be accepted.

2) For SPM/SPMV after year 2000, a minimum of 6C for Bahasa Melayu, English, Mathematics AND minimum 8E for Science / Physics / Chemistry / Biology AND Pass other 2 subjects in 1 certificate/examination or combination.
In the 22-day training course, you will be trained in four (4) main modules;