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IntESH provides digital technology solutions embracing the latest information technology to ensure efficient implementation of EHS Management System along with productivity.

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Ensuring safety and health is of utmost importance for all types of businesses not only because it is required by law and to prevent loss, but also to safeguard the company’s main assets, which are the lives and welfare of employees. For this purpose that IntESH Solutions was established in 2014 as one of the entities in the IntESH Group family.

We are your best partner in development of workplace safety and health management technology. We believe that the use of latest technology is the best way to ensure that your safety and health goals are met.

Hazard and Risk Management

A digital function to identify hazards that could be the cause of accidents at work. The process of hazard categorization and risk assessment in a controlled flow will resulting a consistent risk analysis. Determine the most effective control measures and evaluate their effectiveness in making sure the risk is well control before the employee engaging with their task.

Workplace Safety Inspection

Complete function to record noncompliance, concern or a good example found while conducting workplace inspections. The ability to produce statistic and real-time analysis will helps employer to monitor the performance of Safety and Health Risk Control at workplace. Each finding will give the company an opportunity to improve and achieve its business objectives

Accident reporting

Reporting accidents at work and investigating its causes is easier with digital and mobility functions. By using mobile devices, information can be collected and recorded directly from the accident scene into controlled database system. By using the recognized accident causation models, the underlaying causes of accidents can be identified and corrective action can be taken to prevent similar accidents.

Action Log and Tracking

Each control measures to prevent accidents or corrective actions from inspection findings can be monitored its implementation and effectiveness. The Action Log and Tracking function enables reminders to be given to those concerned to ensure appropriate action are taken in preventing workplace accidents. Real time update on the completion of action provide better control over hazard and risk management.


IntEsh smartool

IntESH Smartool is a digital system in the form of online software for execution of:

SmarTool can be used by computers and smartphones to enable data recording to be done directly from the workplace.
Recorded information analysis translates into reports and statistics making added value for the Workplace Inspection and HIRARC

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Your company can save money and time when using our software to synchronize every findings that have been made. 

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