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SmarTool is a Health and Safety Software designed with key functions that are very useful for managing accident and illness prevention at workplace. These functions include safety inspection, Risk Assessment (HIRARC), incident management and action log which are highly needed y practitioners whether the Safety and Health Officer (SHO) or the Site Safety Supervisor (SSS)

Safety Inspection

Safety Inspection software enables practitioners to record non-compliance, concern or good practices directly from workplaces. The data entry are well guided makes it easy to record data consistently and generate high quality reports. Each data will be analyzed in real-time manner to produce statistics to measure and monitor health and safety performance.


Process flow in HIRARC software helps to outline the work steps and effectively identify hazard associated with the work operation. The task analysis function ensures that potential risks are systematically evaluated and not overlooked. Risk level are assessed by the selection of factors and circumstances that ensure the most accurate and consistent results.

Accident Management

Accident Reporting Software allows all kinds of incident to be systematically recorded. By outlining the information required for investigation, practitioner can analyse the accident causes easier and making sure that important information are captured. The flow process of information collection is in accordance with the provisions of the NADOOPOD Regulations 2003

Action Log

Each action item that has been determined by inspection, HIRARC or accident investigation will be recorded and maintained through the Action Log Function. Each action can set the responsible person and update its execution status. List of actions is displayed and can be filtered as needed based on the status of the implementation or the person responsible for executing it

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